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Sword of the Word of God Watercolor Art


“Sword of the Word” Watercolor

  • Paintings often tell a story, and this watercolor painting says a little piece of it with every brushstroke of this Roman-style sword. The Hebrew on the blade displays the text “Word of God.”
  • Printed on a smooth heavyweight watercolor fine art paper to enhance every brushstroke of the original watercolor painting.
  • Frame not included


Word of God in Watercolor

This watercolor art print is a statement of the Word of God. The Bible describes the Word as a double-edged sword. The book of Ephesians talks about taking up the armor of God, including the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. Here, a Roman sword protrudes from the ground with the Hebrew writing of “The Word of God” written on the blade.

The thing I appreciate the most about this piece is how the watercolor textures came together to form a mottled background. The highlights also cooperated with me to depict the reflective iron sword.

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