Moon Phases Wall Art Set in Watercolor

Waning Crescent Moon Print 10x10
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Waning Gibbous Moon Phase Art 10x10
$22.50 $18.00
Full Moon Painting Wall Decor 10x10
$22.50 $18.00
Waxing Gibbous Moon Painting Art Print 10x10
$22.50 $18.00
Waxing Crescent Moon Watercolor Wall Art 10x10
$22.50 $18.00

$112.50 $90.00

“Moon Phases” Watercolor

  • Loose watercolor textures come together in this set of prints that hint at crater shadows and phases of the moon.
  • Printed on archival matte paper for accurate color hues in these pale yellow and deep blue colors
  • Frames not included
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Loose Watercolor Moon Art

Moon phases in watercolor add a sense of curiosity to a room. Loose watercolor textures suggest craters and shadows caused by the sun. Lunar blue and pale ivory hues bring the memories of looking into the night sky long after most have already gone to bed. If you enjoy stargazing or admire the nature artwork in the night sky, then this set of prints is a winner.

The process and the artist

I admit, I am not the typical fine artist with soothing watercolor videos. I am a little embarrassed to show peeps this video, but this is me. This is how this moon wall art was made. I hope you all enjoy it at my expense 🙂

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Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 10 in



Archival Matte Paper




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