Butterfly Song – Blue Butterfly Sheet Music Photo Print

“Butterfly Song” Paper Mache

  • Originally crafted from sheet music using paper mache for a unique gift for classical music lovers
  • Printed on Kodak fine art photo paper that excels in producing accurate colors, contrast, and resolution
  • Frame not included

A butterfly and a few sheets of music

Delicate music notes cradle bright blue butterfly wings all created in an original papercraft wall art. Featuring the gentle spread of blue wings as a focal point, this truly unique home wall decoration will be an instant conversation starter for any room.

The art of Paper Mache

Without a doubt, this is one of the most unusual 2-dimensional pieces I have ever created. When vision strikes, sometimes you have to follow it! Paper mache is not just something kids do in school. There is an art form to it. One of my favorite things is letting the material show for itself rather than painting over it. Here we have several pages from hymns and a few other songs. This wall decor piece is one that people will have to stop and look closely. So be sure it’s not in a high traffic area!

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