A Baby sparrow and a Patient God

and God’s faithful promises the whole way through

We want to help Christian moms and homemakers adorn their dwelling place with aesthetic reminders of God’s truth. When you, as a woman, are strengthened in the Lord, that is how the wise woman builds her house.

~Sara Ferrari
Owner of Sparrow Springs

Thank you for taking the time to browse beyond the face of my website to get to know me a little more. I will apologize that this is not short. I myself am a skimmer, and I tend to skip over blocks of text. However, if you will read on I will do my best to keep it organized.

My passion… even from a young age has been to create, and Christmas was one of my favorite times of the year to give people the things I created. My greatest joy was witnessing the expressions, and emotions wrapped up in a gift that could never be found at a store.

Art and encouragement from people

I dabbled in everything from drawing, painting, photography, wood working, papier mache, fiber arts, glass work, pottery, sewing, and just about anything I can get my hands on striving to create for the people I loved.  At this time I was encouraged by several people saying “You can sell this”. I set myself to perfect my artwork, and get the fame and notoriety of so many other artists. But no matter what I tried there was something major missing… the people.

He will let us run in circles chasing after “knowledge” and “wisdom” on how to operate in our giftings, and yet when we submit to His will, we find that His plan is so much better for us in every way. I had grown frustrated trying to sell my artwork, and run after all the same methods every other artists did. 

then i read these bible verses...

One day my mother came to me with a sparrow that had fallen from the nest. We had no clue that in just a couple months this bruised and fragile creature would be a beautiful feathered fluffball. She enjoyed singing to the songs in Disney movies, perching on my wrist while I did the dishes, and stealing my wedding ring. 

As I was reading in my Bible I came across Matthew 10:29-31 Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows. It became very clear to me, that God had a plan, and no matter what I did, He would get me there. 

I realized I didn’t have to follow “the rules”. God knows so much more, and when I decided that God’s plan was “good enough” for me… Sparrow Springs was born.

for the christian moms and homemakers

The day I was forced to quit my job due to health reasons took me in a whole new direction. I served in various ministries at church, even so, I became very familiar with the four walls of my living room. 

I had not expected to take the role of homemaker until I had children, but this gave me the opportunity to put more effort into Sparrow Springs. The Lord gave me a strong desire to bless the Christian moms in my life. So often, children left them exhausted and desiring more time in the word of God. 

As I went home and looked at the four empty walls of my living room again I realized that if I could fill those walls with artwork and reminders of God’s grace, mercy, love, correction. The word of God could be right there and present in the chaos, and they could have the opportunity to enter into rest with God. Over and over again I was frustrated to see Christian decor that was shallow, taken out of context, and expensive. Now I have a purpose to fill that void, and bless others.

for those who desire scripture

If your aim is to be a tenderhearted helper in your home, then we want to embolden you. Pursue that life that extols our Savior in your time of sojourning, and when you require refreshing rest in God be heartened in His writings. Let the inward adornment of your dwelling place root you even deeper in His love. Fill your walls with the significance of the promises He has for you. Our aim is to come along side you and create a piece that exhorts you to live for Him.

If you endured to the end I have much appreciation for you, and your patience. At this time I want to encourage you to sign up and become a part of The Nest. It’s people like you, that I want to bless.

Sara Ferrari

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